You don’t need to be consumed by stress and you don’t need to get rid of it either — you need to rethink it

I’ve always found conversations about stress go one of two ways: the ‘I’m more stressed than you’ conversation where you compete for least hours slept, most hours worked, and act like more stress equates to more success, or the ‘just chill out’ conversation where stress is something gross and unnecessary…

Simple methods you can use to reap the science-backed benefits of outdoor living, indoors.

Connecting with nature is so important to me. Long walks, sunsets and sunrises, fresh flowers, and plants fill me with a sense of ease and appreciation for the world that nothing man-made can achieve. Being out in nature is the ultimate tonic for whatever is going on in my life.

Netflix Life Lessons Part 2

The Irish Troubles were a time of violence, political unrest, and conflict that lasted from the 60s to late 90s and took approximately 3,500 lives — an unlikely time to set a teenage comedy.

But it is exactly this juxtaposition that makes Derry Girls work so well. This Irish comedy…

Heather Grant

English Literature MA Student. Wellbeing & sustainability. Find me on insta @writtenbyheatherr and read more

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